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30 yılı aşan iş ve yönetim tecrübemiz ile, iş ortaklarımızın yürütmedeki pek çok yükünü hafifletiyor, hızlı gelişim sağlıyoruz. ...

E&S Ltd. 1976 yılında İtalyan Zanussi'den beyaz eşya ithalatı ile işe başladı. Bunu American Carrier Klimalarının ithalatı takip etti.
İlerleyen yıllarda devletimizin altyapısını geliştirme girişimlerinden dolayı devlet ihalelerine yoğunlaştık. Limanlarımızda bulunan Römorkların makine ve techizatını yeniledik. Magosa serbest ...

Gururla söylemek isteriz ki; şirketimiz aldığı tüm işleri taahhüt ettiği gibi %100 başarıyla tamamlamıştır. KKTC' de ihaleye katılmak isteyen Türkiye veya diğer Yabancı sermayeli şirketler KKTC sermayeli bir şirketle işbirliği yapmak zorundadır, aksi taktirde malzeme tedariğinde veya proje bitirmesinde bulunamazlar.


Şirketimiz; elektrik kurumu, sivil havacılık, karayolları ve limanlar dairesine ihaleler yolu ile mal ve hizmet tedağinde bulunmaktadır.
Gururla söylemek isteriz ki şirketimiz aldığı tüm işleri taahhüt ettiği gibi %100 başarıyla tamamlamıştır.


Ürünler ve Çözümler


With more than 18,000 systems deployed around the globe, L-3 Security & Detection Systems is the world’s leading supplier of security screening systems. At home and abroad, our innovative technologies protect the traveling public, safeguard the flow of commerce and defend critical infrastructure against terrorism and other threats. L-3 Security & Detection Systems is the premier provider of advanced systems for inspecting checked baggage, checkpoint screening and cargo and border security and our screening products incorporate a variety of powerful and proven technologies: computed tomography, conventional and high-energy X-ray, metal detection, active millimeter wave imaging and energetic materials detection. For over 30 years, L-3 has developed and manufactured cutting-edge systems with the flexibility, accuracy, speed and reliability needed across the spectrum of complex and demanding security applications.

L3 Checkpoint Security Solutions
Linescan 215 series
Linescan 222 series
Linescan 231 series

Distribution Class Surge Arresters Station Type Surge Arresters


Airport Solutions and Navigation Systems

Thales provides a complete range of navigation systems for the civil aircraft market, including flight management and global positioning systems, flight controls and integrated flight displays. These offerings achieve accuracy in accordance with the most stringent standards and give pilots the necessary tools to make the safest decisions possible.

ILS 420 - Instrument Landing System

The ILS 420 Instrument Landing System provides pilots with reliable and accurate landing information particularly in reduced visibility conditions. The system is highly adaptable offering many configuration options that can be combined to suit requirements from Category I to Category III applications. Electronic equipment options range from single equipment single frequency to dual equipment dual frequency operation.

The ILS 420 can also be combined with a variety of localizer and glide path antenna systems.

The ILS 420 can be integrated with a variety of peripheral supporting equipment including:

Marker Beacons
Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)
Integrated or stand-alone far field monitoring system
Equipment shelters
Remote Monitoring and Control System (MCS)

Thales has sold more than 600 ILS 420 systems worldwide.
ILS 420

CVOR 431 and DVOR 432, Short-range navigation system

The VOR is the international standard for short-range navigation providing the bearing information to the pilot from a reference point. This system can be configured to meet specific customer requirements such as mountaintop installation or use of alternative power sources such as solar energy.

The DVOR 432 system offers improved performance for demanding locations, e.g. with unfavourable terrain conditions (multipath effects), owing to a wide-aperture antenna system and utilization of the Doppler effect.

Product Features

Common features: CVOR 431 and DVOR 432
Single or dual system
50 or 100 Watt version
N+1 redundant power supply in parallel with batteries for increased reliability
Use of Discrete Fourier Transform for signal analysis results in precise measurements
Easy-to use graphical user interface in cabinet door results in a PC being needed only for maintenance activities
Extensive built-in test features easily aid fault localisation
Identical control, monitoring and maintenance capabilities between local/remote locations
Digital synthesis and control of transmitter signals results in very clean and stable signals
Built-in monitor integrity test enhances system safety

More than 900 VOR systems have been sold worldwide.
CVOR 431
DVOR 432

DME 415/435 RPM

Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) provides pilots with distance information between the aircraft and the ground station. It is the international standard for medium range air navigation operating in the frequency range around 1000 MHz. DME basically includes a ground beacon and an interrogator-receiver aboard aircraft.

Main features and characteristics of the DME 415 RPM (100-W version) and 435 RPM(1-kW version)
Fully solid-state, microprocessor-controlled system
New digital receiver with improved sensitivity (-94dBm)
Fixed or mobile version
Available as full dual system (2 transponders and 2 monitors) or single system
High accuracy and stability of reply delay, pulse shape and spectrum due to digital signal processing and closed-loop control of the controlled parameters
Completely controlled by a standard PC and identical control, monitoring and maintenance capabilities at local and remote locations
Housed within a single-cabinet rack
No manual adjustments necessary even for changing the operating channel due to wideband RF electronics of both receiver and transmitter
Monitoring system performing continuous executive monitoring of the main parameters (ICAO) and the self-check integrity test
BITE and diagnostic functions
DME Antennas: the standard Thales' FAN-96 omni-directional 9dB gain, FAN-88 directional and other antenna types (FAN-87 omni-directional high gain, AAN188 small and light-weight with sectorial coverage).

1200 DME have been sold worldwide.
DME 415-435

NDB 436: Non Directional Beacon

The NDB 436 provides the pilot with indication of the aircraft heading with respect to the beacon.

Robust, low cost navigation equipment
High availability and low maintenance
User friendly operator interface
Local and remote control facilities
Easy inclusion in a complex countrywide remote control system with ILS/VOR/DME

There are more than 300 operational systems worldwide.
NDB 436

Air Traffic Management

Thales is committed to reducing the impact of air travel on the environment and strives to design ever more efficient air traffic management systems. Innovation in this field can have a direct effect on making skies cleaner. After all, every minute gained on a flight represents a saving equivalent to 160kg of CO2 emissions and 62 litres of fuel.

NH Type Fuse Links Oil Tight Fuse Links
Fuses for Transformer Protection Element Fuses for Cutouts


Switching, protection and automation solutions for electrical distribution systems

Ground Mounted Secondary Switchgear

Sabre RMU

The Sabre ring main unit range includes fully extensible and non-extensible options, providing the full range of solutions required for a secondary distribution system. The equipment is fully weatherproof for outdoor use, incorporates vacuum circuit breaker technology and has been designed for long service life with virtually zero maintenance.

Sabre VRN2a Technical Sales Brochure
Sabre VRN6a Technical Sales Leaflet
Sabre Brochure
Sabre Extensibles Data Sheet

Trident FRMU
The Trident range of oil insulated extensible and non-extensible ring main units has been developed over a number of years and is a leading performer in the global market. For both rural and industrial applications, this equipment, incorporating HV fuse protection, can be positioned in the most extreme of outdoor conditions with ambient temperatures from -10ºC to 55º
Trident Brochure

HV Metering Units
For HV (High Voltage) metering applications, the AMU (Air Insulated Metering Unit) is designed for use with the latest Sabre VRN2a (250A) and VRN6a (400/630A) Ring Main Units, but is also compatible with the full Sabre RMU family, including the extensible units.
AMU Brochure

Switchgear Automation

Gemini- Remote Terminal Unit 2
The G2-RTU has been specifically designed for the control and monitoring of both ground and pole mounted MV (Medium Voltage) switchgear. This highly versatile interface is based on an open and modular architecture, supporting different communication protocols and media and includes advanced features such as battery monitoring and integral FPI (Fault Passage Indicator) to name a few.
The Gemini-DC is a stand alone device acting as a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) front end processor and performing key functions such as data capture and monitoring, simple control of serial ports, protocol conversion and data consolidation for transmission over Ethernet.
Based on a high level SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) programming language and field-proven technology, the Gemini software architecture combines flexibility and scalability. An ideal solution to implement your Distribution Automation requirements.
Retrofit Actuation
Lucy Switchgear has many years experience in the design of reliable retrofit actuators to suit many RMU (Ring Main Unit) applications and providing Electricity Utilities with a cost-effective and reliable alternative to complete asset replacement of existing switchgear.
Gemini Brochure

Rural and Substation Disconnectors

Rapier RX
The Rapier RX range incorporates a modular design switch that can be configured to suit a variety of applications. Combining high performance and reliability, the Rapier RX rocking type switch can be a key element in rural distribution networks.
Rapier RX Brochure

Rapier GX
Based on the latest developments in SF6 switchgear technology, the GX combines high performance and reliability. The GX Load break Switch can be manually operated or motorised for sectionalising, automation and remote control to suit your network requirements.
Rapier GX Brochure

Rapier DSB
The Rapier Double Side Break 'DSB' range provides a powerful and cost effective solution for isolating a series of circuits and equipment in substation applications. Based on open terminal air break technology, the Rapier DSB range combines robustness and alignment reliability.
Rapier DSB Brochure

Rapier AX
The Rapier AX is compact and robust and provides a reliable, lightweight and flexible solution for all single break, rocking type switch disconnector requirements.
Rapier AX

Dropout Fuse Units
The fused cutout is a rewirable dropout expulsion fuse. This unit provides a reliable and economic protection of distribution lines and transformers together with a visual indicationof operation and positive disconnection from supply. Each single phase unit can be attended from ground level with a multi-sectional permaglass portable operating pole, these poles are available in a variety of lengths to suit.
Dropout Fuse Units Leaflet

Low Voltage Cut-outs

House Service
SP/SPNE Accepts fuse links in accordance with BS (British Standard) 1361 : 2010 Maximum rating type IIa fuse 60A/80A Maximum rating type IIb fuse 100A Non interchangeable solid link disconnector available Tested and approved to BS (British Standard) 7657: 2010.

Pole Mounted
Complies with BS 7656:1993 Accepts BS (British Standard) 88 J type fuse links having 83mm fixing centre Maximum fuse rating 400A Maximum cable size 300MM².

Nexans Network Solutions NV - Div. Euromold

Nexans Network Solutions NV - Div. Euromold is the leading European specialized designer, manufacturer and distributor of prefabricated cable accessories for medium and high voltage. From its headquarters in Belgium, it operates a network of distributors and is oriented towards power utilities, industries and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) market segment.

Nexans Network Solutions NV - Div. Euromold provides a complete range of cable accessories: pre-moulded connectors, terminations and joints for cables and epoxy bushings for transformers for voltage classes from 12 to 550 kV, as well as a large range of cold-shrinkable terminations and joints from 12 to 42 kV. Nexans Network Solutions NV - Div. Euromold makes a constant effort through research and development to provide the most innovative range of products offering excellent quality and durability. Innovation is the key to the company's leadership.

Since 1992, Euromold’s commitment to quality is demonstrated by its ISO 9001 certification.

Since June 2000, Euromold’s independent ELAB laboratory obtained the BELTEST accreditation no.192-T-ISO 17025 conform with the European standards for laboratories ISO 17025 for electrical testing of medium voltage cable accessories according to the International standards IEC 61442 and HD 629.

Euromold Terminations Euromold Joints Euromold Equipment bushings Euromold Connectors A
Euromold Connectors B Euromold Connectors C Euromold Connectors D Euromold Connectors E

Nexans Power Accessories Germany GmbH

Nexans Power Accessories Germany GmbH is manufacturer of GPH ferrules and lugs for power cables and overhead lines. In addition to the prevalent hexagon compression technology for aluminum and copper conductors we have made our name in the areas of special contacts for customized applications in the energy sector and in the well-established field of power engineering. We were and are much involved in the development and introduction of this technology, which is underlined by many patents as well as research and testing in accredited laboratories.

Manufacturing and quality control: Modern CAD systems and manufacturing facilities help to implement the ideas and requirements into functional products. We are able to communicate directly with partners and customers because of well-engineered CAD systems and special computer equipment.

Our company has its own tool making department: drilling, milling, grinding, polishing

Here, the products are manufactured for personal use. With great precision we also like to produce your parts and products or answer your questions about tool making. With our wire EDM machine we produce according to your engineering drawings or original parts for your production. Computer-controlled measuring devices support the process control throughout the production.

In our own high current laboratory extensive development testings and short-term tests are made that help us to simulate the user and cable requirements and to demonstrate the accelerated aging of the contacts.

Our GPH product range:

Clamps Compression Joints Cable lugs Mechanical
connectors and lugs


Heat-Shrinkable Terminations, Joints

Nexans provides a complete range of terminations, joints separable connectors and equipment bushings up to 36 kV. Terminations and joints are available in heat or cold-shrink technologies as well as slip-on. For paper insulated cables, a full range of terminations and joints (including transition joints) is also available. Separate connectors are produced in both EPDM and silicone rubber while equipment bushings are made in epoxy.

Medium voltage heat-shrinkable terminations and joints
Suitable for single or 3-cores, paper or polymeric insulated cables up to 36 kV. The high quality heat-shrinkable non-tracking tubes and stress control tubes of the terminations provide long-term performance and the highest reliability for indoor as well as for outdoor applications. The heat-shrinkable joints offer an easy to install and reliable connection. If required, a galvanized steel case can be supplied to protect the joint from external impact and ground pressure.

Medium voltage cold-shrinkable terminations and joints
Suitable for single core, paper or polymeric insulated cables up to 24 kV, these cold-shrinkable accessories set new standards in installation technique. All functions are integrated in single piece which is factory installed on plastic supporting tubes. After standard cable preparation, the pre-expanded accessory is positioned over the cable and shrunk by extracting the supporting tubes. Installation is considerably simpler and faster than with any other system presently available.

Medium voltage slip-on terminations and joints
Suitable for single core polymeric insulated cables up to 36 kV, this range of pre-molded slip-on terminations and joints is made of silicone or EPDM rubber. Terminations in silicone-rubber are single pieces while EPDM terminations are modular. Both can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Straight joints for polymeric cables are available in EPDM or silicone rubber. Cable repair joints also exist in silicone rubber.

Medium voltage porcelain/epoxy resin or oil-filled terminations and joints
A range of terminations and joints for polymeric or paper insulated draining and non draining cables up to 36 kV. Oil or resin filled terminations in either porcelain or epoxy resin for indoor and outdoor applications for single, 3-core belted or 3-core single leaded cables, straight and transition joints with injected resin, cast iron shells or metal sleeves with heat-shrinkable cover or plastic shells.

Medium voltage slip-on premolded separable connectors
A range of pre-molded separable connectors are available in EPDM or silicone rubber for plug-in or bolted connections up to 36 kV and 1250 A. Available in straight, elbow or "T" versions, these connectors offer a sale to touch connection to switch gear and transformers can be supplied with a combination of connectors and terminations at each end. An EPDM plug-in lightning arrestor is available.

Medium voltage epoxy resin equipment bushings
A large range of equipment bushings for in-oil, in-air and for plug-in or bolted versions up to 36 kV and 1250 A. A variety of fixing flanges for different clamping (or welding) systems is available as well as plug-in type epoxy termination.

MV accessories for paper insulated cables are also available. They will be manufactured according to your specifications. Consequently there is no list for standard products.

Heat Shrinkable MV Accessories

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