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With our more than 30 years experience in business and management, we significantly reduced the operational burden of our business partners and enable rapid development.

Sener Trade started its business by importing white goods from Italian Zanussi in 1976. Then the company started importing American Carrier Air-Conditioners. In the following years, we focused on government tenders because of our will to improve the infrastructure of our state...

It is to develop skills, processes and methods in world standards by focusing on the brands that we represent. Behind our brands that make people smile; there are seriously and proudly managed processes.


Our company supply goods and service to electricity authority, civil aviation authority, department of highways and department of ports through tenders. We are proud to say that our company completed all the promised works with 100% success.


Goverment Tenders

Since 1978, our company attends to the tenders of Central Tender Committee and to the tenders that some public institutions individually initiated.

Our company completed many projects and supplied many materials for Department of Ports, Free Port, Department of Water Works, Civil Aviation Authority, Electricity Authority and Department of Highways.

We are proud to say that our company completed all the promised works with 100% success. Turkish or Foreign-capital companies that want to attend tenders in TRNC have to cooperate with a TRNC-capital company. Otherwise they cannot supply materials or carry out projects.